Common Parking Infractions

Below is a list of common parking infractions that drivers need to be aware of to avoid parking citations.

Blocking Alley
Access to the alleyways in the business district must remain accessible at all times. 

Blocking Fire Hydrant
Fire hydrants must be clear and accessible at all times in case of emergency. 

Blocking Private Driveway
All residences and business must be able to access their driveways. 

Double Parking
Parking your vehicle in a careless manner, utlizing more than one defined parking space, no matter how slight, is double parking.

Parking During Prohibited Hours
Some parking spaces, as well as all Village of Chesaning streets, prohibit parking on or in between the hours of 3AM-6AM.

Parking in Fire Lane
Parking in an area marked as a fire lane either by sign or ground-markings.

Parking in Handicap Reserved Zone
Parking blue spaces, including the blue access aisle.  Double parking into these lanes restults in a handicap parking citation.

Parking with No Permit
Parking in a designated "Permit Parking Only" space without a permit or failure to display parking permit.

Parking in Roadway
Your vehicle must not be parked on the roadway.

Parking Over Sidewalk or Crosswalk
Parking over a pedestrian sidewalk, or over the crosswalk, preventing uninhibited flow of pedestrial travel.

Parking in a Prohibited Area
Parking in any area where it is posted that parking is prohibited.