What are the police department hours?

Can I report an abandoned vehicle?

How do I get traffic enforcement in my neighborhood?

Somebody just tried to scam me through the telephone/internet/mail etc. What can I do?

How do I get involved in a Neighborhood Watch group?

Do I (or someone I know) have a warrant?

Where do I pay a parking citation?

How do I get my fingerprints taken?

How do I register a handgun?

Am I allowed to burn within the Village limits?

What number do I call for non-emergency reports?

Can I drive my golf cart or ORV on the streets?

I locked my keys in my vehicle. Can you unlock them?

I have rented a room to someone, or had a friend live with me. I want them out of my house. Can you make them leave?

Is there a curfew for juveniles?

Can I obtain a background check on someone?

I have a child custody agreement with my former spouse and they didn't make the scheduled time. What do I do?

How do I join the Chesaning Reserve Unit?

Do I need to obtain an Alarm Permit?

Can the police serve documents for me?