What does an Ordinance Enforcement Officer do?

An Ordinance Enforcement Officer's primary responsibility is to ensure that drivers comply with local parking laws and ordinances and issue citations for violations. Ordinance Enforcement Officers, because of their visibility in the village, also interact with the public providing answers to questions about parking, directions, or other information about the area. Ordinance Enforcement Officers derive their authority directly from the Village Administrator, and are governed by the Village of Chesaning. 

Safety:  When a vehicle parks in an area that is designated No Parking, such as to close to an intersection, in a crosswalk, or facing the wrong way, it creates a hazard for other vehicles or pedestrians.  Most parking laws are written for these safety reasons.

Community Needs:  Due to a limited amount of space available in many residential and commercial areas, aesthetic issues with abandoned and hulk vehicles, and traffic flow problems with crowded streets, the village has passed several ordinances designed to help with these issues.

Turnover:  The Village of Chesaning, and most cities and villages, employ Ordinance Enforcement Officers primarily to assist our business and service community.  A problem for most villages and cities is the lack of sufficient curb parking spaces for the large number of vehicles that enter the business district each day.  While motorists shop, dine, or conduct other business they must have parking space. 

As a way of getting an efficient turnover of parking spaces, timed parking, and restricted parking are often used.  

Parking Citations

If you have received a citation, please carefully read and follow the instructions on the citation. Failure to submit the fine amount within the indicated time will result in additional penalties being added to the fine amount, towing of vehicle, denial of vehicle registration or mandatory court appearance.

Appeal or Pay a Parking Citation

If you have a problem related to a parking citation and wish to contest the citation, a parking referee is available to hear your complaint.


In-person Referee Sessions are held at: Chesaning Village Office, 218 N Front St. Chesaning, MI 48616

Monday - Wednesday from 9AM to 2PM

Referee sessions are scheduled by the Village of Chesaning. The Defendant must appear in person at the time scheduled if an in-person appeal is chosen.


Enclose the citation, your return address and a detailed letter thoroughly explaining the situation. A Parking Referee will respond with the appeal decision via US Mail. If the appeal is denied, and you are required to pay the citation, additional time will be granted to pay the fee.


You may pay your fine in person by visiting the Chesaning Village Offices at 218 N Front St. Chesaning, MI 48616. For after hours payments, there is a dropbox on the outside of the building. If using dropbox, please use a check or money order.


 Enclose your citation with the fine and mail it to the Chesaning Village Offices at the address above.



Impounded Vehicles

If your vehicle has been impounded due to multiple offenses or unpaid parking tickets, you must contact the Village office to pay current fines and obtain an impound release statement. You may not contact the towing company directly as they will not release a vehicle without first obtaining an impound release statement.