Parking Permits within the Village of Chesaning

The Village of Chesaning Department of Ordinance Enforcement requires permits to be purchased and used in densely populated areas in town where parking is limited and shared between the business district and residential housing. Permits are issued on a yearly basis. A parking permit allows you to park between the hours of 8PM and 6AM in the Permit Parking Only spaces located in our municipal parking lots. Permits are issued to individuals who live or work within the block surrounding the business district of downtown Chesaning.

How to Obtain A Parking Permit

1. Complete and submit the form below. (Online form coming soon)
2. Visit the Chesaning Village offices within 24 hours located at 1100 W. Broad St. with cash, check or money order totaling $120 to validate and obtain your physical yearly parking permit. 

How and When to Use Your Parking Permit

When you are parking in a Permit Parking Only spot, you must hang your permit from your rear-view mirror. Failure to do so may result in a parking citation. A parking enforcement officer must be able to verify your permit at any time you are parked in a permit only spot.

Parking permits are issued to a specific vehicle. They are not permitted to be shared between vehicles. Using a permit assigned to another vehicle may result in a parking citation.

If you have questions regarding parking permits, please call the Chesaning Village Office at (989) 845-3800