Parks & Recreation Commission

Chesaning Area Parks and Recreation Commission

Meetings:  First Wednesday of Every Month at 6:30 p.m. 

Zach Chludil                     Chairman
Andrew Hasse                  Vice Chairman
Keith Wenzel                    Village Council Representative
Kevin Carlton                   Township Representative
Scott Kohagen                  School Representative
Kyle Byron                        Member
Jessica Stoddard             Member
Cindy Weisenberger       Member


Parks and Recreation Commission Purpose

The Chesaning Area Parks and Recreation Commission was formed in the 1970s. It is comprised of representatives from the Village of Chesaning, Chesaning Township and the Chesaning Union School District. Representatives are appointed to the Commission by each of the agencies. The purpose of the Commission is to advise for a system of public recreation and playgrounds; make recommendations to acquire, equip and maintain land, buildings or other recreational facilities and to take other actions as authorized by the Village of Chesaning. 

The Commission works with Village administrative staff to develop a Five Year Recreation Plan for the facilities operated by the public institutions in the Chesaning area.  The purpose of this plan is to take stock of the assets currently in the community and plan future community investments to maintain and expand recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to the Chesaning area.

 The Commission meets on a monthly basis to discuss projects, programs and administrative issues. Partnerships have been developed with various local organizations such as Sports Boosters, Softball League, Chamber of Commerce, and Little League to provide comprehensive recreation and entertainment offerings throughout the community.


The Village, Township and Schools are responsible their own recreational property including maintenance, opening and closing restrooms and showers, managing campground rentals, and other general park management and maintenance activities, and the Commission serves in an advisory role to this work.

Chesaning Area Recreational Facilities Map