Water / Sewer Billing

The Village of Chesaning processes and mails water/sewer bills on a monthly basis.   Readings are taken from mid-month to mid-month.  Bills are typically mailed out the first week of  the month and due  several days before the end of the month.   Due dates can vary due to where the end of the month falls in the week.  

A minimum bill is generated even if there is no usage.   Water / sewer bills are based on usage of 1,000 gallons per unit, so therefore every unit of water used  also generates a unit of sewer.

There are several options on how you can pay your water/sewer bill.  Bills can be paid in person during regular business hours at the village office, after hours using the drop box at the office, by mail, or using online bill payment.  There is a service fee for payment using a credit or debit card.  If mailing or using the drop box please be sure to include your  bill stub with your payment or your account number written on your check.

Dual Meters / Sprinkler Meters

If you do a lot of outside watering you may wish to look into a dual meter / sprinkler meter.   This meter allows you to measure your water usage for outside watering and no sewer charge will apply to that usage.   Please contact the village office for application and current fees.

During working hours please call the Village offices at 989-845-3800.  After hours call 911, they will contact the on-call staff.

Explanation of charges on water bill

Heplful hints to reduce water usage