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Tips to Reduce Water Usage

Check Those Toilets
Do you ever have to jiggle the handle? Hear water running in the night? Toilets are a big culprit in high water usage. A small leak from the tank into the bowl can go unnoticed until you get your bill. We encourage everyone trying to save on their water usage to test their toilets for leaks. Place dye strips (available at the Village Office) or food coloring into the tank of the toilet, then wait 20-30 minutes. If any color seeps into the bowl you have a leak. Residents have told us many times that they found a toilet that wasn't used often, in the basement or elsewhere, to be leaking. You may want to consider shutting off water to seldomly used facilities.
Water Softeners
Water softeners use water when they regenerate. If the softener is regenerating too often it can increase water usage.

Track Your Usage
If you have an accessible water meter you can track your own usage. One suggestion is to read your meter when you believe there should be not usage for an extended period of time, such as before bed or as everyone leave for the day. Before using water again in the morning or upon arriving home read your meter again. If there is usage then something is using water.

For more helpful tips on saving water visit the EPA's WaterSense page