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Water Bill Explanation

Billing Cycle
The Village of Chesaning processes and mails water/sewer bills on a monthly basis. Readings are taken from mid-month to mid-month. Bills are typically mailed out the first week of the month and are due on the 25th of the month. 

A minimum bill is generated even if there is no usage. Water/sewer bills are based on usage of 1,000 gallons per unit, so therefore every unit of water used also generates a unit of sewer.

Utility Bills
The Village of Chesaning currently sends full page water bills that will come to the billing address in an envelope. Please return the top portion with the bar code on it with your payment. If you come into the Village Office to pay your bill, please bring the entire bill if you would like a receipt. We will stamp the bottom portion and give it back to you as proof of payment.

There are several options on how you can pay your water/sewer bill. Bills can be paid in person during regular business hours at the Village Office, after hours using the drop box at the office, by mail, or using online bill payment. If mailing or using the drop box please be sure to include your bill stub with your payment or your account number written on your check.

Bills can be paid via cash, check, credit card or online. Please note, when paying via credit card, there is a 3% fee.

The billing items on the bills are:
  • Water - This will provide your current and previous read.  If the read was estimated there will be a "e" following the read.
  • Water Capital Improvement - This is a flat rate fee used to fund improvement to the water system.
  • Sewer - These reads will mirror your water reads.
  • Sewer Capital Improvement - This is a flat rate fee used to fund improvements to the sanitary sewer system.
  • Readiness to Serve - This is a flat rate fee based on the size of water service.
  • Garbage Collection - Residential garbage pickup fees are billed monthly.  These are flat rate fees charged per household. Commercial users are required to contract for their solid waste disposal.
  • Service On/Off - This is a flat fee charged when the village crew is required to turn water off / on at the curb stop.
  • Previous Balance - any balances remaining from prior billing periods.
  • Penalty - This is a 10% flat rate fee charged if payment is not received by the due date.
For each unit of water that is recorded on the meter, the account is also charged for a unit of sewer.  This portion of your bill will fluctuate with your usage.  All other charges are flat rate fees.   

Rates effective March 1, 2024
Water  $5.80  per unit
Sewer $14.82  per unit
Water Capital Improv  $4.54  flat rate, for 5/8" to 3/4" meter
Capital Improv  $8.52  flat rate, higher rate applies for high usage ie: commercial
Readiness to Serve  $6.01  flat rate, for 5/8" to 3/4" meter
Garbage  $21.96  flat rate

If you have questions about your water bill, please contact the Village Office at 989-845-3800 during business hours.